diabetes center



Diabetes often leads to many other bodily complications like high blood pressure, kidney ailments, ED in men etc. At diabetes center clinics we have empaneled super specialists who are available on call whenever our diabetologist diagnose that the patient is exhibiting corresponding symptoms.
Kidney Clinic
Consultation by qualified Nephrologist with prior appointment

Albumin Creatinine Ratio-Test for quantitative determination of albumin, creatinine and albumin/creatinine ratio (ACR) in human urine, used for early identification of renal disease in patients with diabetes and hypertension.

Urology Clinic
Consultation by qualified Urologist with prior appointment
Andrology Clinic
Consultation by Sexologist with prior appointment
Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy plays important role in pain relief and rehabilitation in most medical and surgical conditions. Treatment by experienced physiotherapist available for following medical conditions.

  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Joint pain
  • Neurological conditions